Solartech International ltd have been selected by SHI, Korea to supply the Solartech International Ltd pre-cured SolarClad GRP material as an insulation protection system on the Statoil owned Johan Sverdrup project. This is a significant development for both, Statoil and Solartech Intl ltd, as it will be the first time GRP cladding has been utilized as an alternative to metallic cladding for a Statoil offshore project.

Solartech Intl Ltd has also been selected as the GRP supplier by Kaefer Energy Norway and Benarx Solutions for the bridge works, and hook up work associated with the Johan Sverdrup project in Norway.

Solartech Laminates all have excellent Impact & Abrasion resistance properties and can be used as sacrificial protection solutions.

This particular application is a perfect example of how Solartech laminates can over come the most aggressive type of abrasion.

The pipeline in question was factory coated with an approved corrosion protection paint system and had to be dragged for 1 kilometer under a motorway and canal in Holland. However, when the dragging process began the project team quickly realized the potential damage to the factory applied coating system.

The Solartech laminate system was identified as a solution to the problem, not only in protecting the factory-applied coating, but also as a product that could be easily applied in situ on top of the existing paint system.

The Pearl GTL project is the largest gas to liquids conversion plant in the world and was commissioned to full capacity in 2012.

The project is a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) between Qatar Petroleum and Shell with the primary products produced being naphtha and transport fuels with paraffins and lubricant oils as smaller by-products of the process. The transport fuel can be used in existing light and heavy diesel engines and has been shown to have a number of benefits such as lower emissions and engine performance enhancement.

Over 70,000 sq mtrs of SOLARTECH UV Curing GRP material was used on the GTL project as a protective cladding system to the various insulation materials applied.

Solartech International Ltd provided technical and training support to the 3 insulation contractors on site during the application works.

The Kaombo FPSO project involves the conversion of two FPSO units into two turret-moored Floating Production Storage and Offloading units to be positioned in the Kaombo Field Development Project located in Blaock 32, offshore Angola.

The Kaombo FPSO project is managed by the Saipem Floaters Business Unit France, and their activities include engineering, procurement, topsides modules fabrication and integration as well as commissioning both onshore and offshore works in Angola.

The topsides fabrication was carried out in the Saipem yard in Karimun Island, Indonesia where over 30,000 sq mtrs of SOLARTECH UV Curing GRP material was applied by Meisei, the Insulation contractor, as cladding protection to the various insulation systems.

Solartech International Ltd provided training and technical support throughout the project.

In 2013 Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) won the order to build the EGINA FPSO for the French Oil giant, Total. At the time the EGINA was the largest FPSO in the world featuring a length of 330 meters, a width of 64 meters and height of 34 meters. SHI subsequently selected the Solartech International Ltd product SOLARCLAD as the preferred GRP protection cladding system to be applied on all insulated pipes and fittings on the EGINA FPSO.

Approximately 45,000 square meters of SolarClad material was utilized.  Solartech international Ltd in association with their Korea agent, Daeyoung Intec, supplied technical assistance and applicator training throughout the project.

The EGINA sailed from SHI yard on 31st October 2017 destined for Lagos, Nigeria where various topsides fabrication and integration is to be completed before the FPSO is installed in the Egina Offshore field around 200 KMS off the Nigerian coast.

The FPSO is expected to be deployed during second half of 2018, once the remaining topside module and commissioning works are completed.