Insulated Piping

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Equipment: Piping and Valveboxes

Stripe coating of areas of detail before general jacketing

Laminate is cut to dimension and applied by hand to conform to shape

Complete encapsulation of pipe and valveboxes

Laminate cured with UV lamp for full mechanical and permeation resistance


  • Quick turnaround
    • No mixing or heating required
    • Rapid cure with UV lamp
  • Easy application
    • Easily cut to dimension without need for specialized equipment
    • Laminate is applied by hand
  • Complete encapsulation
    • Seamless system, conforms to shape
  • Full mechanical and chemical resistance for prevention of corrosion under insulation

Products Used

  • Solartech PE 55 Laminate

Application Procedure

  1. Cut laminate to dimension
  2. Apply by hand onto insulation material
  3. Overlap laminate at seams for complete encapsulation
  4. Expose to artificial UV light from lamp to cure