Jetty Legs

Industry: Oil & Gas
Equipment: LNG loading jetty

Corroded jetty leg

Scaffolding erected down to low tide level

Top coat of tinted SolarSeal applied to protected leg

Completed application


  • Quick turnaround
    • No mixing or heating required
    • Rapid cure in natural sunlight
  • Easy hand application
    • No specialist equipment needed
    • Laminate is wrapped around leg under manual tension
  • Seamless system
    • Overlaps are chemically reacted
  • Excellent corrosion, weathering and mechanical resistance

Products Used

  • SolarSeal Tinted
  • Solartech PE 55 Laminate

Application Procedure

  1. Erect scaffolding
  2. Grit blast to SSPC-SP10
  3. Apply SolarSeal primer
  4. Apply SolarTech PE 55
  5. Top coat with tinted SolarSeal and let cure in sunlight