New tank lining

Industry: Water Treatment
Equipment: Sewage/Steel

Surface primed with SolarSeal

SolarTech PE 55 applied to walls. Wet edge maintained with black tape.

Staggered laminate overlaps. Floor bracket contours coated and covered with black tape.

Floor coated and seams sealed with SolarSeal.


  • Quick turnaround
    • Controlled working life by shielding from UV light
    • Rapid cure and return to service
  • Easy hand application
    • No specialist equipment needed
  • Seamless system
    • Overlaps are chemically reacted
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance

Products Used

  • SolarSeal
  • Solartech PE 55

Application Procedure

  1. Grit blast tank surface
  2. Apply SolarSeal primer and let cure
  3. Apply SolarTech PE 55 wet on dry and let cure
  4. Coat seams with SolarSeal