Open Water Tank

Industry: Water Treatment
Equipment: Water Storage Tank

Evidence of corrosion damage on outside of tank

Patching of perforations with SolarTech PE 55

Lining of the tank wall with SolarTech PE 55

Top coat of SolarCoat applied to SolarTech PE 55


  • Quick turnaround
    • No mixing or heating required
    • Rapid cure in natural sunlight
  • Easy application
    • No specialist equipment needed
    • Laminate is applied by hand
  • Seamless system
    • Overlaps are chemically reacted
  • Excellent corrosion, weathering and mechanical resistance

Products Used

  • SolarSeal
  • Solartech PE 55 Laminate
  • SolarCoat

Application Procedure

  1. Prepare surface by grit blasting
  2. Apply SolarSeal primer
  3. Patch perforations with SolarTech PE 55
  4. Apply SolarTech PE 55 to tank wall
  5. Top coat with SolarCoat
  6. Let cure in sunlight