Pipe Support Pads

Industry: Oil & Gas
Equipment: Pipe support pads

Pipe jacked up from support pad

Laminate wrapped around pipe and cured in sunlight

Complete protection from friction on pad or damage from metal bands


  • Quick turnaround
    • No mixing or heating required
    • Rapid cure in natural sunlight
  • Easy application
    • No specialist equipment needed
    • Laminate is wrapped around pipe by hand
  • Full mechanical resistance (friction, abrasion, impact)
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Prevention of corrosion (general, galvanic, fretting, etc)

Products Used

  • SolarSeal
  • Solartech PE 55 Laminate

Application Procedure

  1. Jack pipe up from support
  2. Minimal surface preparation
  3. Shield area from sunlight
  4. Apply SolarSeal primer on pipe and pad
  5. Wrap SolarTech PE 55 around pipe
  6. Apply strip of SolarTech PE 55 on pad
  7. Let cure in sunlight
  8. Lower pipe