Containment Area

Industry: Petrochemical
Equipment: Concrete containment

SolarTech bonds to concrete and conforms to shape

SolarTech bonds to steel for protection of transition areas

Once the laminate is applied, it is cured by exposure to UV lamp

Completed application


  • Ease of application
    • No mixing or heating required
    • No specialized equipment needed
  • Fast Turnaround
    • Application by hand
    • Rapid cure
  • Full protection
    • No pinholes with laminate applied as sheet
    • Cured system is seamless
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical Resistance

Products Used

  • SolarSeal
  • Solartech PE 55 Laminate

Application Procedure

  1. Clean and neutralize concrete
  2. Grit blast metallic areas
  3. Stripe coat areas of detail with SolarSeal and SolarTech
  4. Prime with SolarSeal
  5. Apply SolarTech PE 55 laminate by hand
  6. Overlap laminate for seamless system
  7. Expose to artificial UV light from lamp to cure